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For over 20 years, we have been providing excellent service to residential and commercial customers throughout the twin cities area. 


Dan Loew, president and co-founder, started the family business in 1996. In the beginning, D&D was primarily focused on private and city mandated inspections, however, customers liked our services so much they would consistently asked if we could repair items found in our inspections. Since 1999, it was evolved into a remodeling and home renovation company and was incorporated in 2004. 

Today, we specialize mainly in residential and commercial interior remodeling, maintenance, and handyman services. 

Our customers have been the motivation to keep growing as a company and provide services to help all of their needs! 

Dan Loew

President and Co-founder 

"Our customer service, 

outstanding craftsmanship, 

cleanliness, and daily feedback is how we stand out above

the rest!"

-Dan Loew

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